Luxury Private Tour Packages

Luxury private custom tour Egypt.

Step into the ancient Land of the Pharaohs, a world of temples, mummies, felucca sailboats and exotic bazaars on your private customized guided tour of Egypt. No tour buses here. Instead, enjoy a private look around Cairo with a learned Egyptologist. At the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, linger before any artifact that intrigues—such as the mummy of Queen Hatsheput, Egypt’s extraordinary female pharaoh. Then step aboard your luxury vessel and cruise past some of the most beautiful scenery of the Nile to see age-old panoramas unfolding under the palms. At Luxor, the world’s “greatest open-air museum,” marvel at the great temples embellished with statues, sphinxes and superb hieroglyphs of Egyptian life. Bed down in former palaces or an oasis eco-lodge.  As for kids? Our award-winning ‘Kidtastic’ tours will have them camel trekking around the Pyramids and exploring exotic bazaars. Then, stay at Sharm El Sheikh resort for more desert adventure, snorkeling, and tea with a Bedouin family. Let our experts create unforgettable memories, your way, on your custom-made Egypt tour in this remarkable country.

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