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Luxor Day Tour

After breakfast, meet your private Egyptologist tour guide in the lobby of your hotel in Luxor to start your tour to:

Valley of the Kings.

Valley of the Kings is the burial site of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs during the New Kingdom age. Tour includes the three tombs and the tomb of King Tut Ankh Amoun.

Temple of Queen Hatsheput.

The Mortuary Temple of Hatsheput, also known as the Djeser-Djeseru (“Holy of Holies”), is an ancient funerary shrine in upper Egypt. Built for the

eighteenth dynasty’s Pharaoh Hatshipsute, it is located beneath the cliffs at Dier el Bahary, on the west bank of the Nile, behind the Valley of the Kings. The Mortuary temple is dedicated to the sun god Amun, and is situated next to the mortuary temple of Montuhotep II,  which served both as an inspiration, and later, a quarry.

Village of the Workers.

Colossi of Memnon then we will have lunch in a local restaurant.


After lunch we start our tour to visit Luxor East Bank including:


Karnak Temple

The largest temple in the world, which is located in Luxor East bank. The time line for the current building dates back to 2050 B.C until almost 100 A.D. It was dedicated to the Theban triad of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. This great Temple of Amon Ra was known during the Middle Kingdom period as Ipt-Swt, which means the Selected Spot. It was also called Pr-Imn, which means the House of Amon. The name Al-Karnak in Arabic was derived from Karnak, which means fortified village, probably because the Arabs found many Temples and buildings in the area when they entered it for first time.

Luxor Temple.

Luxor Temple, or The Temple of Luxor, is among the most beautiful Temples in Egypt. It was known in the New Kingdom period as Ipt-Rsyt, which means the southern shrine. This was to differentiate between this Temple and Karnak Temple, which was the northern house of Amon Ra.

Amenhotep III built Luxor Temple. The architect and overseer of the works of construction was the genius Amenhotep, son of Habu. The Temple runs close and parallel to the Nile River, from north to south. It was constructed on the site of a small Temple of Amon, built by kings of the 12th dynasty. At the time of Amenhotep III the Temple was only 190m in length and 55m in width. Basically, Luxor Temple was consecrated to Amon Ra in his fertility aspect.


Dendara & Abydos Day Tour.

Early morning meet your local guide in the lobby of your hotel in Luxor for a 3- hours drive to the temple of Abydos. Spend 2 hours at the temple complex then have lunch at a local restaurant (included).

After lunch we will drive for 2 hours to reach the temple Dendera. After that, drive back to the hotel and arrive at 6 pm.

Temple of Abydos.

Located about 2.5 hours by car north of Luxor, it was one of the most important religious sites to ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians would have hopes to visit Abydos, which for them was strongly associated with the entry into the afterlife. Temple of Abydos was built by King Seti I, who was the father of the great Ramesses II, who actually completed the construction of most of the temple after his father’s death.

Abydos Temple contains small chapels dedicated to each of the major gods: Ptah, Re-Harakhte, Amun-Re, Osiris, Isis, Horus, and also one to Seti himself.

The temple of Abydos is one of the best examples that still has beautiful fresh colors.


Dendara Temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor dating from 380 BC

The Temple of Dendara is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. It was known as the Castle of the Sistrum or Pr Hathor, which means the House of Hathor, who was the goddess of love, joy, and beauty.
With the exception of its supporting pillars, which had capitals sculpted in the image of Hathor and were defaced by the Christians, the walls, rooms, and roof are complete and extraordinarily well preserved. The stone steps of the spiral staircase are time-worn but may still be used to ascend to the roof, where there is a small chapel decorated with Hathor-headed columns.

In ancient times, Dendara was associated with healing. Patients who traveled there for cures were housed in special buildings where they could rest, sleep, and commune with the gods in their dreams. There is something else special about this temple as well: It bears the name of Cleopatra and her son, whose father was Julius Caesar. It is that these celebrated rulers climbed the same stairs and contemplated the same landscape stretching out for miles below.
Today, the place sings with the music of birds. Hundreds of them roost in small cracks and hollows in the walls, seemingly contemplating their own carved likenesses in the hieroglyphic reliefs.

There have been temples on this site ever since the Old Kingdom, but the present temple was begun in the reign of Ptolemy VIII. The building we see today was constructed and added upon from about 116 BC to 34 AD.

Aswan Day Tour 

7:30 am: meet your guide in the lobby of your Aswan hotel and start your tour to visit Aswan High Dam and then Phila Temple and Unfinished Obelisk. Lunch in a local restaurant (included). In the afternoon enjoy a sailboat ride around Kitchener’s Island and visit the island’s botanical garden. Return to your hotel around 5 pm.


Abu Simble Full Day Tour

4:30 am after having coffee or tea provided by your hotel in Aswan, meet your local guide for the 3-hour ride through spectacular desert scenery to the Abu Simbel temples. Spend 2 hours at the temples and then return to Aswan. Arrive at hotel at 6 pm.

Request breakfast box from the hotel the night before departure. Lunch will be in a local restaurant (included).

Day Tours include:

Air conditioned transportation.

Entrance fees for all the mentioned sites.

Private tour with a guide.

A bottle of mineral water every day.

Day Tours do not include:

Tips for drivers and guides.

Any personal expenses.

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