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Discover Egypt, Cairo and Luxor and Aswan.

                   Egypt Luxury Travel Packages will immerse you in the civilization of the land of magic, Egypt.

Highlights of Egypt is one of our tour packages that will be a mirror that reflects the History, Tales and Myth of ancient Egypt.

A tailor-made private tour to learn about the secrets of colours left by the great ancient Egyptian for thousands of years, to learn how to decipher the hieroglyphic codes on the walls of tombs and pyramids.

Egypt Luxury Travel Packages will let you explore the Pyramids of Giza, the Grand Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo. Fly to Luxor and visit Karnak and Luxor temple. The next day cross Luxor bridge to the city of the dead, or Luxor west bank and discover the colours at the valley of the kings, while there you will explore tombs of Ramses and King Tutankhamen.

Discover the temple of the female Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut, one of the iconic temples with its unique design. While you are there, we will take you to an exciting place, the workers’ village.

Drive from Luxor to Aswan and stop by the beautiful temples Edfu & Kom Ombo; next day, drive to the gigantic temple of Abu Simbel, get back to Aswan to Enjoy a Nubian meal and Sailboat ride  back to your hotel.

While your last day, you will tour Philae temple and then catch your connection flight from Aswan back to Cairo.

 When you book Egypt Luxury Travel Packages, you will enjoy luxury accommodation by the end of the day; in Cairo, stay at Four Seasons Nile Plaza,  Hilton Luxor and Old Cataract in Aswan, while your second stay at Cairo will be at St Regis Cairo.

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Day 1- Arrival, meet and assist.

Arrival at Cairo international airport, you will be met by our rep, who will assist you in getting your visa, then will escort you to your hotel, Four Seasons Nile View room.

Day 2- Tour the great pyramids & sphinx, Memphis, and Sakkara step pyramid. 

After breakfast, please meet your guide in the lobby to start your tour to the great pyramids of Giza; while you are there, our guide will take you on a camel ride around the great pyramid area, including the sphinx. Then we drive to Memphis, the first Capital of ancient Egypt; nearby, we have the 1st pyramid and stone building in Egypt, better known as the step pyramid of Sakkara. Including one of the oldest tombs in there with its bright colours dates back to 2650 B.C., back to your hotel, Four Seasons, Nile View room.

Day  3- Explore the  Egyptian museum, the hanging church, Synagogue, and Amer Mosque. 

After breakfast, please meet your guide in the lobby, starting your tour to visit the Egyptian museum, with the vast collection of monuments covering our Egyptian history, with the golden mask of the boy king Tutankhamen. Then we drive to Old Cairo, including the Hanging Church that dates back to 800 A D. In this crypt, Jesus hid with virgin Mary, the Synagogue, and the mosque of Amer Ibn al Asi, the Oldest mosque in Egypt. back to our hotel, Four Seasons Nile View room.

Day 4- This morning, you will explore Karnak and Luxor temples.

After breakfast, we will drive to Cairo airport to catch our flight to Luxor. Upon arrival, the AGT rep will meet and assist you; then, he will escort you to your five-star hotel, the Winter Palace. In the afternoon, you will tour Luxor East bank, including Karnak Temple, the largest temple in the Middle East, covering 60  acres. The temple dates back to 2050 B.C. Dedicated to the god Amon Ra. After Karnak, you will tour Luxor temple, which is much smaller but has a unique taste as it has monuments that date back to the age of the pharaohs, Ptolemaic age, Roman era, Coptic age, and Islamic age, all in one, back to the hotel. Hilton Luxor Nile view room.

Day 5- Today’s Tour is including, the Valley of the kings and the village of the workers.

After breakfast, get ready for a lovely adventure, drive through the countryside and enjoy the green farmland on both sides of the Nile, suddenly you will hit the desert and start to explore the glory of the ancient. You will start your adventure by the Valley of the kings, where kings of the New kingdom age since 1500 B.C. buried, including famous kings like Ramses II and many other pharaohs. From there, drive to the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the first female Pharoah in Egyptian history, with it.s unique design. And the village of the workers. Back to our hotel. Hilton Luxor Nile View room.

Day 6- Drive To Aswan and stop by Edfu and Kom Ombo.

After breakfast, check out of your hotel, then you will start driving to Aswan; while driving, you will stop by 2 of the most famous temples. Edfu temple by horse carriage ride one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt, which dates back to 237 B.C; this is the only temple where you can see the sacred boat of the god. Also, it is the best example of a fully intact temple. After we visit Edfu, we will keep driving to Aswan. On our way, we will Stop by Kom Ombo to explore the double temple of Horus and Sobek; this is one of the most impressive temples. As we will learn thee about the calendar and Medicine in ancient Egypt,  back to the bus, and keep driving to Aswan upon arrival, we will check into our hotel Old Cataract Aswan, Nile view Suite.

Day 7- Tour the temple of Abu Simbel by bus.

Drive for 3 hours, to Abu Simbel, after the tour; we drive back to Aswan to enjoy lunch at the Nubian restaurant after lunch; a sailboat rides back to your hotel, Old Cataract Aswan, Nile view Suite.

Day 8- Tour Phila Temple and felucca ride & fly back home.

After breakfast, check out of the hotel, meet your guide in the lobby to start your tour to Aswan High dam, Phila temple, which is one of many temples moved from its original location because of the construction of the dame Lunch in a local restaurant. Drive to Aswan airport to catch your flight to Cairo; upon arrival, meet and assist. Check in your Luxury hotel Nile. St Regis, Nile view room.

Day 9- Full Day Tour to Alexandria.

Today you will drive from Cairo to Alexandria to visit one of the beautiful cities in Egypt with a vast collection of Grogo Roman monuments. Including the Roman Amphitheater, Bombay pillar, the catacomb, and enjoy the citadel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea; nearby, you will enjoy a seafood meal, drive back to Alexandria. Overnight at St Regis, Nile view room.

Price is including.

  • 3 Nights Four Seasons, Nile view room.
  • 2 Nights Hilton Luxor Nile View room.
  • 2 Nights Old Cataract Prestige Suite Nile view room.
  • 2 St Regis Astor Nile view room.
  • Meals as listed Breakfast and lunch daily.
  • 2 bottles of mineral water daily.
  • Private Egyptologist tour guide.
  • Private A-C Van.
  • Domestic flights.
  • Entry Visa

Sightseeing in Egypt:

  • The Grand Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx.
  • Memphis/Sakkara. Old Cairo and the Egyptian Museum.
  • Karnak Temple and Luxor Temples.
  • Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut temple. The village of the Workers & Colossi of Memnon.
  • Edfu and Komombo.
  • Aswan High Dam, the unfinished obelisk & Philae temple.
  • Abu Simbel by bus.

Price doesn’t include

Any personal expenses, tip for guides and drivers,

Price does not include.

International Flights.

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