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$900.00 $750.00 Sale! Luxury Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise Luxor & Aswan

Discover Egypt Nile cruise. Enjoy our private luxury tour, stay at one of many luxury cruise we offer to you, sail down the river, discover the locals, stop at iconic temples and visit them.

$2,200.00 $1,900.00 Sale! Egypt Luxury Travel Packages

Highlights of Egypt

Travel to Egypt, Stay at Fairmont Nile City. Explore the Egyptian museum, and the pyramids, Fly to Luxor Luxury Cruise the Nile onboard Sonesta St George. tour the valley of the kings, explore the ancient temples, disembark at Aswan and  visit the gigantic temple of Abu Simble. Enjoy the beauty of the Nile while Sailing down the river. Travel and discover Egypt.

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$5,000.00 $4,200.00 Sale! Luxury Tour Egypt

Luxury Tour Egypt

Luxury Travel Egypt, Stay at Four Seasons. Enjoy a private tour to the Pyramids & the Grand Egyptian museum, fly to Luxor check in to your  Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Sonesta Sun Goddess, discover Luxor and Aswan, Stop by Edfu and Komombo, Fly to Abu Simble and stay one night at the legendary hotel Old Cataract. private guided tour, non sharing, Luxury Travel in Style.

$3,500.00 $3,200.00 Sale! unique Private Tour Egypt

Drive Through Egypt. Cairo, Alexandria, Minia, Abydos Dendara, Luxor & Aswan.

Unique private tour package, Drive through Egypt, from the north Alexandria, passing by Cairo, to Minia where the Capital of Egypt at the time of Akhenaton, drive from there to Abydos & Dendara, head to Luxor to explore the East and West banks, Drive to Aswan stop by Edfu & Komombo, visit Philae and Abu Simble.

$220.00 $160.00 Sale! Egypt Day TOur

Egypt Day Tour

Day Tour. Contact us and our team will custom a private guided tour to, Cairo including the Grand Egyptian museum and Old Cairo. Luxor Day Tour Including Karnak and Luxor temple, valley of the kings and Queen Hatsheput temple. Aswan day Tour including phila temple, the unfinished obelisk & a sail boat ride down the river. Abu Simble Day Tour

$4,500.00 $4,200.00 Sale!

Dahabiya Private Nile Cruise & Explore Egypt.

Dahabiya Private Nile Cruise ( private Yacht), stay 3 nights accommodation at the Marriott Mina House Pyramid view room with a private tour the great pyramids, the grand Egyptian museum fly to Luxor Stay at winter palace for 2 nights visit Dendara and Abydos, cruise the Nile on Sonesta Amirat Dahabiya for 6 Nights, disembark in Aswan to check in Old Cataract Nile View suite.

$4,750.00 $3,950.00 Sale! Oberoi Philae Luxury Nile Cruise

Luxury Travel. Oberoi philae luxury cruise, Cairo & relax at Sahl Hasheesh.

Stay at Fairmont Nile City and enjoy private tour the great pyramids and the sphinx, explore Saqqara step Pyramid, tour the Egyptian museum, with the great collection of the golden boy King Tutankhamen & the mummy court. Fly to Aswan Luxury Cruise the Nile onboard, Oberoi Philae Luxury Cruise. disembark at Luxor and Drive to Hurghada, to relax and Enjoy the Red Sea.

$4,900.00 $4,200.00 Sale! Spiritual Tour Egypt

Spiritual Tour Egypt

If  You Feel Called to Egypt, If you are Seeking Connection to Your Soul and feel Egypt, Journey on a Retreat Pilgrimage to Egypt, Feel the Awe, Experience The Energy of The Pyramids of Egypt and The Sphinx in our spiritual tour Egypt, Enjoy the Luxury hotel in Cairo and Luxury Nile Cruise. Nourish the Parts of You Calling You from Deep Within.

$1,600.00 $1,300.00 Sale! Private Tour Egypt

Glory of Egypt Private Tour

Private tour Cairo & Luxor, Stay at Cairo Sheraton and enjoy a private Luxury Private guided tour, Private tour the pyramids, the Grand Egyptian museum. Fly to Luxor, check in to the winter palace, Luxury Nile view room, enjoy your private tour guide to explore valley of the kings, Karnak, Luxor & the great temple of the female pharaoh queen Hatsheput.


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$8,900.00 $7,500.00 Sale! Luxury Tour Israel, Jordan & Israel.

Luxury Tour Egypt, Jordan and Israel

Private tour Egypt & Jordan, private guided tours starts in Cairo to tour the pyramids of Giza, The fly to Luxor to cruise the Nile to explore Luxor and Aswan, fly back to Cairo to Catch your flight to Jordan discover the rock City Petra, Wadi Rum and more, Cross the borders to enjoy a private guided tour to the holy sites, Jerusalem, Masada and More. Luxury accommodation.

$6,900.00 $5,990.00 Sale! Egypt Luxury Tours

Luxury Private Tour Egypt

Luxury travel in style, and enjoy the luxurious hotels, Stay 3 nights Four Seasons and enjoy the pyramids with the museum, 3 nights Winter palace to cover all Luxor plus Dendara and Abydos, Cruise the Nile onboard Oberoi Philae Ultra Luxury Cruise, disembark in Aswan to check into the Old Cataract, fly to Sharm to Relax after Egypt Luxury Adventure.

$5,000.00 $4,350.00 Sale! Oberoi Philae Luxury Crusie

Luxury Travel Egypt (Adventures of Egypt)

Luxury travel Egypt, stay 3 night at Four Seasons, 4 nights Oberoi Philae Luxury Nile Cruise, 4 Nights Four Seasons Nile view room and one night at the Old Cataract in Aswan, our advantage  for this package is to tour the pyramids Great Egyptian Museum and Cruise from Aswan to luxor . Entry to the great pyramid, King Tutankhamen, Queen Nefertary tomb and King Seti I. Dendera & Abydos.

Special Tour in 2018 , Discover Egypt, Jordan & Israel for first 100 customers with discount 20%

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Ahmed Nagy

Highlights of Egypt

Dear Nadia thanks for your review, and we are looking forward to serving you soon in another destination.

Highlights of Egypt

Viajamos con mi novio a Egipto por 6 días y contratamos esta empresa. Desde el primer momento tuvimos muy buen trato de parte de Ahmed, quien adaptó el viaje a todos nuestros pedidos. Todos los hospedajes fueron muy bien elegidos por la compañía, súper confortables y lindos. Nosotros el crucero por Aswan y Luxor, que fue increíble, con un guía de lujo, Salvador. Se los recomiendo ya que es muy profesional, proactivo, amable y bien predispuesto para ayudar en lo que sea. Además, se nota que le gusta mucho lo que hace y por sobre todo que sabe un montón, la verdad que fue un complemento excelente a todo lo hermoso que tenía Egipto para conocer. Para la parte del Cairo tuvimos a Víctor, que también fue muy bueno. Ojalá todos puedan hacer este viaje que fue increíble, mucha historia y una cantidad de monumentos valiosos que no se pueden creer!

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