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Adventures of Egypt.

Luxury Travel Egypt 

Egypt has the secrets of the ancient world, and our team in Amazing Global Travel, will give you the key to decipher the secret codes of this beautiful land, and it’s hidden secrets.

Amazing Global Travel will custom a private luxury tour for you. No matter how many you are, either you are alone or with a group of friends or family. We will provide you with a privet Egyptologist tour guide who is well educated and has Egyptology degree, who will let you look at the scenes and discover the secrets and symbology behind that great civilization.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt, to make sure you can contact any of our customers on trip advisor and see what travelers are saying about Egypt. Just do not believe the media, we do care for your safety as we do for our self.


Day 1: Welcome to land of the Pharaoh’s

Arrival to Cairo international airport, you will be met by our rep who will assist you to get your visa, then will escort you to your hotel. [ Marriot Mena House Pyramide view room ]


Day 2: Private Tour To the Great Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis and Sakkara Step Pyramid. 

After breakfast, meet your guide in the lobby to start your tour to the great pyramids of Giza, while you are there our guide will take you on a camel ride around the great pyramid area, including the sphinx, Camel ride  Then we drive to Memphis the first Capital of ancient Egypt, nearby we have the 1st pyramid and stone building in Egypt better known as the step pyramid of Sakkara. Including one of the oldest tombs in there with its bright colors that dates back to 2650 B.C. drive back to the hotel.. [ Marriot Mena House Pyramide view room ]


Day 3: Fly to Aswan Check into The Cruise, Sailing in the river by Felucca, Nubian Museum.

Early morning fly to Aswan, upon arrival  meet your and assist then, our rep will escort you to your Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Oberoi Phila, Sail boat in the afternoon then Enjoy a tour to the Nubian Museum. Back to the cruise free after noon [ Oberoi Phila Nile Cruise ].


Day 4: Private tour to Aswan High Dam, Phila Temple and Felucca Sail Boat in the River . 

Lunch on board  Aswan High dam, Phila temple which is one of many temples were moved from its original location because of the construction of the dame,  and the unfinished obelisk the granite quarry that used by ancient Egyptians since the old kingdom age, even they used some of its block for the pavement of the area around the pyramids. Back to the cruise to sail Lunch , then tea time, Visit to kom ombo, back to the cruise for dinner and sail to Edfu . Overnight Edfu. [ Oberoi Phila Nile Cruise ].


Day 5: Private Tour to Edfu, Sail to Luxor.

After breakfast meet your guide in the lobby to start your tour to Edfu temple  by horse carriage ride one of the best preserved temples in Egypt, which dates back to 237 B.C, this is the only temple where you can see the sacred boat of the god, and also it is the best example of full intact temple. Back to the cruise to start sailing to Luxor OverNight At Luxor. [ Oberoi Phila Nile Cruise ].


Day 6: Private Tour to The Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut and Village of the Workers . 

After breakfast we meet your guide in the lobby, to start your tour to King’s valley. ( TOMBS of the kings of Ancient Egypt since 1550 B.C) this is one of the most important highlights of the tours as we have the colors still fresh till now,  we will include also the tombs of King Tutankhamun, that was discovered 1922 as it is the last one also the only intact tomb in the valley. Village of the workers. No other tour company offer you this site but it is the best in all of Egypt, imagine yourself getting inside the tomb that dates back to 1300 B .C and feel like those colors just painted yesterday, how would you feel. Hatshepsut temple, the first female pharaoh in ancient Egypt, and that was her mortuary temple, since 1500 B.C. Colossi of Memnon, Back to the Cruise to start sailing to Aswan via Esna Lock. Meals B . L . D . [ Oberoi Phila Nile Cruise ].


Day 7: Private tour to Luxor East bank including Karnak and Luxor Temples.. 

After breakfast we will check out of the cruise and then we have a tour to Luxor East bank of Luxor, including, Karnak temple which is the largest temple in the Middle East, covering an area of 60  acres, and the oldest block in the temple dates back to 2050 B.C. then we have a tour to Luxor temple which is much smaller but has a unique taste as it has monuments dates back to pharaohs age, Ptolemaic age, Roman age, Coptic age and Islamic age, all in one, back to the hotel, [ Winter Palace Nile View Room ].


Day 8: Private Tour to The Beautiful Temple of Abydos and Dendara. 

After breakfast, we will drive to Abydos three hours far from Luxor but it is one of the best temples. After we tour that temple we will drive to Dendara in the way back Dendara is Greco Roman temple but it has the best preserved ceiling among all temples of ancient Egypt plus images of Cleopatra on the back walls.[ Winter Palace Nile View room ]


Day 9: Private Tour to the Egyptian Museum, the Hanging church, Synagogue and Amer Mosque. 

Early morning Fly to Cairo upon arrival  we will meet our guide to start our tour to visit the Egyptian museum, with the great collection of monuments that cover our Egyptian history, with the golden mask of the boy king TutAnkhAmun, Mummy court is Included. Then we drive to Old Cairo including the Hanging church that dates back to 800 A D, the crypt where Jesus was hidden with virgin Merry, the Synagogue and the  mosque of Amer Ibn el Asi ,Oldest  mosque in Egypt. Back to our hotel [ Four Seasons Nile View room ]


Day 10: Private tour to the library of Alexandria, the catacomb, Bombay’s pillar, the Roman Amphitheater.

Full day tour to visit Alexandria to tour the library of Alexandria, the catacomb, Bombay’s pillar, the Roman Amphitheater. Sea food meal is included then back to your hotel in Cairo.[ Four Seasons Nile View room ]


Day 11: Fly Back Home

After breakfast you will get ready to be picked up to your final departure to Cairo Airport to South Africa.

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  1. Ahmed Nagy

    we love the cruise so much it was great, also our hotels were selected perfectly. our guides were amazing. we recommend this tour company for every one

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