The Valley of Queens

The Valley of Queens

March 3, 2020

The Valley of Queens Egypt is known for its hot deserts and the Luxor desert is one of them.

Just as all the deserts have their own peculiarities, Luxor desert has a good number of tombs in which most of the wives of Pharaohs and their children were laid to rest.

The tombs are called The Valley of Queens.

The Valley of Queens, also known as “Ta-Set-Neferu” meaning “The Place of Beauty”, is the most known burial site of the remaining parts of the most prominent women during the time of Old Egypt from the nineteenth dynasty reign.

Unquestionably, this is a fascinating place to visit during an Egypt travel.

These tombs were made between the 19th to 20th dynasties for the wives and children of royalty.

To book Egypt tours, keep in mind that out of the known seventy-five tombs of the Ramesside princesses, only four are available to tourists.

The four tombs are Queen Nefertari’s Tomb, The Tomb of Titi, The Tomb of Khaemwaset, and The Tomb of Amenherkhepshep.

  • Queen Nefertari’s Tomb

The tomb of this great queen is the most popular because she was such a lovely wife of The Great Ramesses. She was highly respected not only because of this but because of her exquisite talent of being able to read and write hieroglyphs.

During her time, she was considered a very educated woman because the knowledge of hieroglyphs wasn’t widely embraced by the Egyptians.

Queen Nefertari’s tomb is an interesting sight to see in Egypt, so remember to include it in your Egypt Tour Packages when you book an Egypt tour.

  • The Tomb of Queen Titi

As explained earlier, only four ancient tombs are available to tourists and Queen Titi’s tomb is surely one of them.

Queen Titi can be considered as a modern queen. She was the twentieth dynasty queen and her tomb is just as exotic as she was.

Her paintings are displayed in her tomb and show her standing together with the Ancient Gods.

  • The Tomb of Khaemwaset

Khaemwaset was one of the sons of Ramesses III. He was known to be the Priest of Ptah in Memphis and the Fan-bearer to the Right of the King.

Recent information from sources shows that he was probably the eldest son of Ramesses III

, and the son of Queen Titi.

His tomb was discovered in The Valley of Queens in the year 1903 with signs that showed it had been used for a common burial

, and not one that befits royalty like himself.

After his father’s death, instead of ascending the throne as he should, his father’s brother overthrew him

, and ascended the throne.

The reason for this is unknown.

  • The Tomb of Amenherkhepshep

An Egypt tour package that includes a tour to The Tomb of Amenherkhepshep is surely one that would fascinate you.

History tells that Amenherkhepshep was another son of Ramesses III who died at the young age of nine.

His painting inside the tomb shows him with his father (Ramesses III) and the Ancient Gods.

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