Things you wish you knew before your trip to Egypt

Things you wish you knew before your trip to Egypt

February 23, 2021

Things you wish you knew before your trip to Egypt

Planning a trip to Egypt can be both a thrilling and daunting experience. Trying to schedule events, places to go, and make sure you have quite enough time in every place. Believe us, we’ve been there. But it’s just as essential to remember what NOT to do in Egypt.

Egypt doesn’t have the best track record for security, and it’s just a crazy adventure trip.

If you’re entering the country for the first time, it’s a smart thing to know what you’re looking into before and during your journey: scams to escape, what to carry, taboos, etc.

So, this article will tell you what you’re not supposed to do in Egypt, but also what you’re supposed to do!

Keep an eye out for scams

As in most nations, scams are all over Egypt. So, it’s best to be mindful of them to avoid them.

Here are several examples of tourist scams in Egypt;

A highly overpriced airport cab – use Uber.

Terrible currency exchange rates – do use the currency converter software.

Selling fake goods such as a banana leaf as papyrus or artificial alabaster – always go to a trustworthy workshop.

Getting ripped off for gold.

Following or acquiring unauthorized tour guides – please check their government license.

Telling locals you’re an atheist or arguing about politics

95% of Egyptians identify themselves as Sunni Muslims, while the remainder is Coptic Christians. So, to say that you’re not a religious person is sort of like saying that the sky is black. They may not realize that the idea of faith is a large part of their society.

When it comes to naming your faith, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, there would be little or no discrimination about that. Yet, to say you don’t believe it all, it’s pretty hard to accept.

We will also recommend that you stop debating politics of any regarding Egypt’s current affairs with the locals. It’s not your position, and while your viewpoint might be true, it’s wise to remain out of it.

Not learning the culture & the country before you visit

This is the most critical thing, which is why this article was a wonderful thing you found!

Egypt is a primarily Islamic society, which means that it is also a traditional one.

It can be quite a cultural shock, based on where you’ve traveled from. Egypt is hot, noisy, raucous, packed with people everywhere. It’s lovely chaos.

The downside is that you’re going to get people yelling at you pretty much all the time, take a taxi, purchase something, recruit them as a guide, etc. It’s endless.

You’re not packing culturally appropriate clothes

Yes, it’s incredibly hot at certain times of the year, and covering up is not desirable in the sun. Plus, since most temples are open with no cover, you’re going to be a sweaty mess.

But it is to be expected that Egypt is an Islamic country. Remember, they’re all on the same boat.

Wearing shorts, strappy tops, mini dresses, clothing that exposes too much skin is a major NO.

That doesn’t indicate you have to wear a burqa, but it’s best to carry free, light, traditional clothes that cover your shoulders, knees, and chest. Contact us if you need a luxury travel in Egypt along with luxury Nile cruise.


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