Why Egypt Tourism is Great for Americans

December 4, 2019

Why Egypt Tourism is Great for Americans

Why Egypt Tourism is Great for Americans?

like a true tourist, you know your trip around the world is not complete if you haven’t visited Egypt with all its glory. On the surface, this might seem like an outrageous claim,but when you give it a second thought, you will tend to agree with me. I mean, how can you not be interested in all of the prehistoric sites littered all over Egypt. The pyramids you have seen in all of the “the mummy series”, are they not worth a visit?

The legends of Egyptian Pharaohs whose corpses are still safely tucked away in their tombs for several years now are true. And creepy as it may seem, I know you will want to see the remains of a king who lived in 7020 BC. If all of these don’t make you wish to jump on the next available flight to Egypt to see for yourself, then I’m not sure what would.

I will be detailing for you why Egypt should be your next preferred destination as an American when you get that next holiday and your tourism impulses start to kick in.

Let’s get right to it

  1. Prehistoric Sites Dating Back to the Dawn of Civilization

Are you aware that Egypt was one of the strongest players in the great civilization? To attest to this status, there are historic sites highlighting Egypt’s architectural prowess. Over the years, Egypt’s ancient monuments, pyramids, and temples have captured the imagination of tourists and they never seem to get enough.

Sites you can visit in Egypt to have a feel of what the world was before now are:

  • The Giza Necropolis: This great historic site is where you will find that Sphinx you’ve probably seen in the movies. It also has the largest collection of pyramids. These pyramids and the Sphinx has become closely associated with Egypt and it is for a reason. Find out for yourself.
  • Luxor: This was the cradle of Egyptian civilization. It was where power shifted to one thousand years after the Egyptians constructed the Great Pyramids. In Luxor, you will find the ancient temples of Luxor and Karnak. You can also bask in the desert and river sceneries available on this site.
  1. Egypt is safe for Tourism

As an American hoping to visit Egypt for tourism, you should have no concern about your safety. It is very safe and there are statistics to prove that. It is on record that since 2015 up until now, there has not been a single incidence that jeopardize the safety of any American tourists.

As a matter of fact, there are tour guides who offer several Egypt tour packages to tourists and follow them to all the sites they have chosen. The presence of the tour guide further cements your safety.

If you are still not sure of the sites to visit, you can book Egypt tours before you arrive so that you will have tourism of a lifetime.

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