Enjoying The Oberoi Philae, Nile River, Egypt

October 19, 2020

Enjoying The Oberoi Philae Nile River, Egypt I’ve dreamt of cruising down the Nile for many years. Reading those novels of Agatha Christie over the years helped fuel my dreams.

Her stories of Egypt were so graphic. I sometimes see myself there just reading.

She made Egypt seem really glamorous.

Egypt is beautiful; a lot of us come here just to see the sites. It’s what many other tourists come to do.

My cruise on the Nile was something I won’t forget in a hurry.

Ships that carry no more than 40 passengers are stationed to move tourists to various destinations, especially the Nile.

The number doesn’t have to complete before they sail. Even if it just one person on board they’ll move to keep up with the schedule.

We were 9 on this trip. It was not just a holiday trip for me. It was a dream comes true.

I wanted to step on those lands and places I only imagined as I read about them.

Groups of no more than 8 are provided with Egyptologists by the Philae.

For proper communication between you and the guide as you take the tour you are attached to you with a guide who is fluent in your language.

For some extra services from the guide, you may need to pay extra. The ship you’ll use between Luxor and Aswan and vice verse only offers just 4 or 6 nights cruise.

The Indian chain is the Oneroi group and most if not every meal selection offers you at least one delicious Indian food for your enjoyment.

Enjoying The Oberoi Philae Nile River Egypt

this cruise is quite different from others; here you’re allowed to eat while you cruise. For many of us, this is a big plus. There is more than enough staff to cater for the tourists’ needs.

They are friendly, professional, and exceptional in their services. You couldn’t ask for more. Your package includes your favorite meals and drinks except for alcohol.

The Accommodation on the Ship

There are 16 cabins and 4 suites. The beautiful Terrace Suites overlook the stern of the boat. You have a Jacuzzi well placed in the outdoor terrace where you can be watching the Nile in comfort and privacy.

The other suits are also marvelous. They have good wide windows for ventilation and site seeing. The bathtub is full size. Positioned to look out onto the Nile.

It’s well fitted with showers and a separate toilet. The suit can compete with many other suits elsewhere. They seem too good for a ship.

The bedroom and sitting room is a delight. You sure won’t miss your bedroom at home here. They are comfortable, deluxe, and spacious.

It was sometimes a challenge to leave my bed for the exploration that brought me because of its comfort.

Some Amenities We Enjoyed on the Ship

Sports and Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool, elevator, a private dock (this was a big relief for me), good bottled water, an Egyptologist in your language for ease of communication, cigar  (if you smoke) with exciting games and good books, spa, fresh fruits for you on a daily basis, free WIFI satellite TV, DVDs. Just make your choice.

Extra Sites to Enjoy

Other incredible sites we enjoyed as side benefits aside from the Nile due to the stops or nearby places were the Habu and Colossus of Memnon, Nubian Museum, Temple of Edfu, Essna Lock, Philae Temple, Valley of the Kings, Aswan Dam, Luxor Temple, and Karnak Temple, Twin temple of Komombo.

I never regretted my brief holiday on the Nile. It was memorable and refreshing. It’s one of those once in a lifetime experience you’ll always talk about.

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Finally, Enjoying The Oberoi Philae, Nile River, Egypt.

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