Flying During This COVID19 Period?

Flying During This COVID19 Period?

June 8, 2020

Flying During This COVID19 Period?

Here Are Healthy Tips To Keep You Safe

Traveling by air has now become less frequent. This is due to the recent pandemic which has attempted to wreak havoc on our lands. Even the plummeting prices of plane tickets can testify to this. Most people just aren’t considering boarding a plane anytime soon.

Restrictions have become the norm in the United States, and no city is left out of implementing “Shelter in Place” and other such regulations. Stores, restaurants, and even libraries are consistently closed until further notice to prevent the spread of the recent Corona virus.

For example, Los Angeles is no more the Los Angeles we used to know as all the fascinating museums and malls are closed. Although most of us won’t have any need for vacation planners anytime soon, some of us have no choice but to board a flight soon for essential reasons.

For people in these shoes, it would gladden you to know that airports are not slacking in any way regarding the spread of the virus. The airport is hourly being decontaminated to shield both workers and fliers from the pandemic. If you’re considering taking a flight soon, do consider these precautions as safety measures from the virus. Nations in Africa and across the globe have followed suit. While strict measures are in place to ensure public health concerns are safe, you still can enjoy a vacation even in this period especially if you’re traveling to a country like Egypt.

If you choose Egypt as your travel destination even during this period the whole world is tackling the COVID 19 pandemic, you can trust reliable Egypt tours to be of assistance. Not only is Egypt travel fun, but Egypt tour packages also ensure compliance with global safety protocol, and you’re assured of an eventful vacation in your tour.

Things You Should Carry With You

Whether you’re a medical professional flying in to provide medical assistance or a student heading home from college, you must keep the below items with you to protect yourself. These items include;

Wipes and Hand Sanitizers

Although we are all aware of the rare value hand sanitizers have quickly accumulated, which has led to a ridiculous price increase, however, if you’re able to get some, make sure you do. Use it on your hands before and after you touch any objects at the airport. Do not forget to sanitize your phone and other things you’ll have to hold.

A Double Pair of Gloves

You might be wondering, “why a double pair?”A second pair is advisable because, with these, you can easily take off the top couple of gloves without having to touch them with your hands. These gloves come in handy when you have to check your luggage or pick them up after your flight.

Face Masks

Despite the claim from many authorities that these masks do not contribute to the curb of the virus’ spread, face masks still serve as quality protection from the virus. In countries such as China and South Korea, almost everyone is wearing facemasks, and if everyone wears these masks, the virus’s spread is curbed to a large degree.

Ensure You Practice Social Distancing

Numbers show that the number of people heading out of airports has dropped considerably by a quarter percentages (25%). This is good news if you’re considering traveling as it makes social distancing easier to adhere to.

The lesser number also means there would be a reduced number of people on the flight with you. Ensure you utilize the empty seats by staying at a considerable distance from other people. You never can tell who has the virus, so the best thing to do is to limit human contact as much as you can.

With these safety measures, you are sure to have a safer flight with less risk of contracting the virus.

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